Outer Range 2024 Multi Audio Season 2

Tam + Mal + Tel + Kan + Hin + Eng

Outer Range (Multi Language)
 IMDB Rating:

7.1/10 from 32,489 votes IMDb




Drama Mystery Thriller

 Directed by:

Blackhorse Lowe Deborah Kampmeier Gwyneth Horder-Payton

 Starring by:

Imogen Poots Josh Brolin Lili Taylor


United States


Multi Language

 Story Plot: Outer Range Opens Up in a Hole New Way in Season 2. Far out in the west passage of a Wyoming cattle ranch, dark and looming and as elusive as Brigadoon, lies a hole. A vast, black chasm surrounded by swirling energy, which sends anything and everything that falls down it through the obsidian abyss of time.
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